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The global crypto market capitalization is standing strong above $2.8 trillion levels as per crypto tracking tool, Coinmarketcap. Bitcoin price registered one of the highest daily closes and Ethereum price is ranging above $4700. Despite the narrow trend, yet some altcoins are able to maintain their uptrend. And hence one of the popular crypto analysts, Micheal de van Poppe, lists some of the requested altcoins that may rally in the upcoming days. 

Shiba Inu (SHIB) Price May Decline Further!

Shiba Inu is not appearing in a strong position currently as the price is consolidating heavily, forming more lower highs. The start of the month gave a kickstart for the asset to reach as high as $0.00006351. It declined quickly as currently consolidating heavily just above $0.00005000. The analyst thinks that SHIB price may slide down to $0.00004300 levels or even $0.00003500 is also possible. No doubt the asset may reclaim its higher positions soon, yet piercing through the crucial resistance around $0.00006300 is mandatory. 

Terra (LUNA) Price Heading Towards $63

Terra since the flip from the bearish divergence is trending within a raising wedge and appears to be surging along the final leg. The analyst pointed out the decreasing volume after a giant leap. And hence speculated at a breakout or breakdown with huge volume. The LUNA price at the press time is trending around $50, however, the analyst believes the crucial zones to hold is around $43-$44. If the asset fails to hold at these levels, then it may slide down towards $26 – $28 levels also. Yet the target in the short term still remains around $60 – $63.

Loopring(LRC) Price Could Face A Decline 

Loopring gained huge user attention in th recent times that ignited the rally to go beyond 10X since it started its run. Currently, the analyst believes it’s the profit-taking time with LRC price and has no plans to enter the trade. Moreover, he also states the two zones that could be pivotal for the price rally, $2.045 and $1.42. The asset needs to hold above these levels to prevent plunging more towards the south.

Verge (XVG) Price Surging Towards Pivotal Levels

Despite the bull run, the Verge maintained a silent trend without a huge jump, yet successfully sustained above the crucial support levels. However, in the upcoming days, the XVG price appears to be primed to range towards the crucial resistance at $0.039. The analyst says slicing through these levels are very important in order to maintain an uptrend. Else the asset may dip down to $0.020 levels. 

Zilliqa (ZIL) Price To Give 700% Gains With The Next Move

After the mammoth rally in the first half of 2021, Zilliqa remained extremely distinct from its highs despite the bullish momentum outspread. On the other hand, the ZIL price also remained above the support levels and hence not validating the downtrend. The analyst believes the asset could plunge more to trend within the lower support levels below $0.1, around $0.04 to $0.02. However, a gigantic rebound of 300% to 700% appears to be imminent with the ZIL price rally. 

Apart from the above-mentioned altcoins, the analyst also lists Kadena(KDA), Enjin Coin(ENJ) and Smooth Love Position(SLP) as having bullish potential. Collectively, most of the altcoins could pick up mainstream to mark the core of Altseason 2021 very soon. Probably, this time, the BTC price may follow the altcoin rally to smash $70K at the earliest. 

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