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 The crypto market charts have been signalling green for multiple cryptos in the market’s directory. The recent unveiling of the Taproot upgrade on Bitcoin’s network has been successfully activated. While it would need some time before we start finding notable improvements from the network.

Popular crypto proponent believes the prediction of BTC price claiming its much-awaited target to still be under consideration. On the contrary, multiple altcoins are continuing to level up higher. Which has been enticing traders to accumulate more coins to their portfolio.

Will BTC Price Claim Its $100K milestone This December?

The start crypto is currently accumulating gains, towards higher levels. Popular crypto proponent believes that BTC price soars to levels of $98,000 by November. And to levels of $1,35,000 by December remains valid. Which is about 50% gains from current levels, and about 38% thereon. It could seem far-off, but the digital asset has risen to highs of over 60% this Q4, mentions Lark Davis.

While the recent rejection of VanEck’s spot ETF did pull back BTC price lower. On a positive note, some sources suggest that the Indian Government might take progressive steps towards crypto. And the Russian Ministries might as well legalize crypto mining. 

One cannot be Dollars To Doughnuts with Bitcoin price soaring the target highs, as the largest crypto has been prone to multiple factors affecting its rally. On the other hand, several altcoins have been raging ahead of Bitcoin in terms of returns on investments. 

Consecutively, the second-largest coin has risen to peak levels of 63.15% since the start of the fourth quarter. While SOL and DOT prices have peaked at about 87.61% and 91.86% respectively. Surprisingly, XRP price has also risen to peaks of 42.5%. Despite the dominance of Bitcoin at higher levels. The rise of altcoins does justify the recent influx of traders. One can be assured of higher returns with altcoins this alt-season.

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