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Why Buy The Dip?

To comprehend what it means to buy the dip, you must first comprehend what a dip is…

It occurs when the price of an upwardly trending stock falls, and it can be a good opportunity to buy. The dip-buying technique is all about that. Traders wait for the appropriate moment to buy so that they can maximize their profit. To put it another way, buy low and sell high.

A savvy trader will wait for the ideal setting and window of opportunity, much like a sniper. Every trader takes a different approach to things. You must know what your risk/reward ratio is. There’s always the possibility that the stock isn’t about to dip and rip (one of my all-time favorite patterns), but rather is in a downtrend and will continue to fall.

As a result, when performing a dip purchase, you should set your limits and employ limit orders. You can evaluate your risk by conducting research and planning your limit order.

How-To-Participate in Buy The Dip Contest?

  1. Login or Sign Up at
  2. Visit INR Deposit Section & use any of the UPI, IMPS, NEFT & RTGS Options.
  3. Visit EZ OTC Desk and Buy any of the 130+ Assets Available on BuyUcoin.

Buy The Dip Prize Distribution

No Deposit Bar, 1,000 Random Users will Get ₹50,000 Distributed to increase your portfolio for the coming Bull Run.


  1. Trade only on the EZ OTC  Desk.
  2. No Minimum Deposit or Buy

Terms & Conditions

  1. Campaign Active From 10-06-2021, 20:30 IST Till 15-06-2021, 23:59:00 IST
  2. BuyUcoin reserves all the rights on the distribution of prizes, kindly do not provoke or request support agents for prizes.
  3. To Become an Affiliate & use this campaign for collaterals, images, and more, Ping at [email protected]


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