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As per a report, there were 106 million crypto users in January 2021. The next target for the crypto industry would be 500 million users. But there are three challenges that the crypto exchanges need to tackle to continue the industry’s rapid growth as the crypto exchanges play a key role in crypto adoption, as they often act as an entrance to the crypto world. These aspects are technology, security, and liquidity. 

A 2018 survey disclosed that lack of liquidity and security issues are among the top 3 challenges that a crypto trader faces while trading on a cryptocurrency exchange. Thus, any crypto exchange that will leverage a combination of technological proficiency, security, and liquidity can become a leading force in the industry. 

Today, TeraBlock announced it’s going to join hands with Binance Cloud to Bring cutting-edge technology for the benefit of the entire crypto user base. Their partnership will also solve the liquidity and security issues plaguing the global crypto ecosystem. TeraBlock is a world-class, fully automated cryptocurrency trading platform, whereas Binance Cloud is one of the leading names in block infrastructure solutions. By leveraging high-end technology and an easy-to-use user interface, TeraBlock will make crypto trading easier for crypto newbies and experienced crypto traders.

What Does Their Partnership Entail?

Under their partnership, Binance Cloud will handle user registration, security, liquidity, exchange technology development, and maintenance on behalf of TeraBlock. Are you wondering how it will benefit TeraBlock? Thanks to the partnership with Binance Cloud, TeraBlock won’t ever suffer from one of the biggest challenges that a new cryptocurrency exchange has to face – lack of liquidity. Not only that, but this partnership will also enable TeraBlock to maintain world-class security on their trading platforms, guaranteeing user security at all times.

Talking about how the partnership between TeraBlock and Binance Cloud will be a game-changer, Shivam Tandon, CEO of TeraBlock, says:

“After announcing the successful completion of our recently conducted IDO on BSCPAD, our users will benefit directly from the Binance Cloud partnership. The upcoming TeraBlock exchange, powered by Binance Cloud, enables our users to experience the better trading depth, security, and transaction speed.” Shivam further added: “We hope to bring a renewed interest and experience like never before to the crypto space.”

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