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DOGE Price Flips Into a Recessive Movement

Commencing June, Dogecoin went into a downtrend, with a sluggish movement near the $0.32. However, it switched the trends and began climbing the graph, straight from $0.32 to $0.38 in no time. Currently, the Dogecoin price is set off towards another high post a plunge that happened yesterday, where the price dipped near $0.40. With the increasing selling pressure, DOGE is surging high.


DOGE price

At the time of typing, DOGE price is seen rising from $0.425 to $0.435, up the graph. In the early hours, the Dogecoin price was sailing at $0.41 with a static momentum. Nonetheless, pulling out some bulls DOGE is now approaching a new high. Keeping the bulls in hand, the price may hike up towards $0.45 in the coming hours. But if the price tumbles, it may switch towards a bearish movement in the coming days.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is at $ 0.428
  • The support value is $ 0.413
  • The indicators point out a dull sell signal

Bitcoin Price Explodes, Surging High

Bitcoin, the most expensive cryptocurrency, is setting new highs for the week. BTC price was seen sailing in a narrow range for the past few days between $3600 to $3800. Swinging within this range, Bitcoin price is currently pumping towards a new high beyond $3900.

DOGE price

At the time of writing, the BTC price is seen at $38796.6. In the early hours, the price fell off from the bullish trend, and moved toward $3700, failing to keep up the momentum. No sooner did it plunge to $37200, the price took a curve to surge from this point. Sticking to the current motion, Bitcoin might move up to $4000 and set a new high for the day, shortly. Failing to move further, the price may dip again near $3700.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is at $ 37812
  • The support value is $ 37803
  • The indicators point out a sell signal

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THETA Price Rally Further, Bulls Come Into Play

The Theta token price is sailing swiftly towards the $10 mark, currently. This token has been clutching the momentum strongly and is rising substantially from a $6 dip that happened in the last few days. From this mark, the Theta token has been surging pushing away the bulls in the way.  

THETA price

At the time of typing, the THETA price is seen at $8.41 which is an indication of the surge from yesterday’s bearish trap. In the early hours, the token price dropped at $7.9, which made investors think $10 is not achievable for today. However, grabbing some bullish momentum without wasting much time, THETA switched to an uptrend and is currently approaching $10. However, if the motion is seen climbing, it might reach $10 in the late hours today. But there are also chances for THETA to rise near $9 and start dipping again.

Technical specifications 

  • The resistance value is at $ 8.10
  • The support value is $ 7.99
  • The indicators point out a selling pressure.

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