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DOGE Price to Hike from the Current Point

Since last week, the Dogecoin price has been steadily experiencing a downside pressure. The recent highest point it touched is near $0.4397, following which it only moved towards the south. With the accumulation of bearish candles, Doge entered a M trend line and thereby dipped from there to $0.372 and as days passed to $0.3296. Earlier today, the price lifted it’s head slightly but experienced a pull back. However, currently the movement is uplifting.



At the time of typing, the DOGE price is $0.3332. In the early hours, the price gradually hiked to $0.3337. But unable to sustain the bullish momentum, it fswitched into a downtrend and fell at $0.302. But grabbing some bulls, the trends have reversed and Dogecoin is set off upwards. If it manages to overcome the resistance level, the price may hike near $0.36. In contrast, if it only manages to hit the resistance, it will fack back to $0.30 or below, like it did today.

Technical Specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 0.377
  • The support value is $ 0.365
  • The indicators point out a sell signal.

ETC Price in a Recessive State

The Ethereum Classic price was set off, approaching its nearest low for the past week. However, today the movements had overturned and all set towards an uptrend. In the last couple of days, the price was flats and at a $64 range. However, it deviated from this point and fell downwards. It happened in two phases where it first dipped at $57.4 and then to $54.2. But then, ETC grabbed some bulls in line to rise substantially. Presently, with a recessive candle in hand, the movement is recessive.


At the time of typing, the ETC price is $59.953. In the early hours, the price surged from $51.8 to $57.3, in no time. But fluctuations began and the price knocked down back to $53.5. Currently, the price movement is highly wavering. If the present candle closes with a high, then the price may soar even up to $62 in the coming hours. But if it end bearishly, then the price may drop back to $54 or below.

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Technical Specifications

  • The resistance value is $ 64.32
  • The support value is $ 62.67
  • The indicators point out a neutral signal.

KISHU Price Experiences a Pull Back

The weekly chart of Kishu Inu price trends shows how the movement is directed towards the nearest low everyday. KISHU, a popular cryptocurrency in recent times, is plunging deeply. For the last couple of days, the price was moving between $0.0000000020 and $0.0000000025. In this due course, with some bulls the price uplifted above this range. Failing to keep up the momentum, the price dropped below $0.0000000020 in the coming days. 


At the time of typing, the price is near $0.0000000021. It had surged gradually in the early hours to reach this point. But currently at the tip of a dipping curve, the price may dip back to the previous range or below in the coming hours. If the bulls overtake, the price may crawl up a little. Either way round, the price is still negligible for KISHU and less than $0.00000001. 

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