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MyEtherWallet discussed the launch of its first non-fungible token (NFT) collection in a Medium post, which will be called the Ethereum Blocks. The NFT project is capable of tokenizing Ethereum blocks that record transactions. Using the data from these blocks, images will be created that can be traded as NFTs.

According to their Medium blog, these NFTs are exclusive to the MyEtherWallet users via the official website. Furthermore, the first 10 blocks are already sold as NFTs as the founders of Ethereum called dibs on them.

“Whether it’s a block that represents a milestone in Ethereum’s history, or one that has a secret and special significance to you personally — once you’ve minted it, no one else can get it.”

MyEthereumWallet claims

History of Ethereum solidified

There are 13 blocks that have been put up for a month-long auction that represent a certain milestone in the history of the second-biggest cryptocurrency. The proceeds from the auction of these tokenized Ethereum blocks will go to charities like “The Skid Row Trust, Wikipedia, The Internet Archive, Smile Train, Extra Life, Girls Who Code, Petsmart Charities, Go Red For Women, Prostate Cancer Foundation, Red Noses, Gary Sinise Foundation, Create Now, and NPR.”

Furthermore, the first 100 Ethereum Blocks can be minted on the MEW web, and also, the early adopts are eligible for discount in rates. “The first 100 blocks are priced at 0.01 ETH, the next 500 at 0.03 ETH, and 0.05 ETH for all blocks thereafter (plus gas fees),” said MEW in their blog.

The reservation of the first 10 blocks for founders will make them inaccessible to others. Similarly, the 13 historical NFTs will be pre-minted and sold at the auction that started on Nov 11 and will last until Dec 11. The minted ETH blocks can be sold through Rarible, an NFT marketplace.

This NFT collection will go a long way in solidifying the historical presence of ETH as it makes its way to reach the top of the industry. Many investors claim that ETH has what it takes to beat Bitcoin in terms of market capitalization and adoption.

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