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What started as a peer-to-peer payment system has grown to become one of the most rewarding investments of this time. Even though Bitcoin is currently going through a troubling period in the bearish zone, this has not stopped more parties from pushing for its adoption. One of them is Mexican billionaire Ricardo Salinas Pliego, who has mentioned that his bank is looking to kickstart the adoption of Bitcoin by financial entities in the country.

Salinas’ Banco Azteca is considering adopting Bitcoin

In the statement taken from his Twitter page, Pliego mentioned that with the growth rate in the adoption of Bitcoin, his bank is already looking for ways to become the first-ever to accept the digital asset across the country. The third richest man in Mexico owns the bank and some other investments in the country, which are under the Grupo Salinas company. If  Banco Azteca begins to accept the digital asset, it would join a growing list of financial institutions across the world that have started to engage with digital assets. 

According to a recent statement by the bank, it presently boasts about 16 million savings accounts and credit accounts to a tune of 19 million.

Giving his statement as a response to a question posed by MicroStrategy CEO Michael Saylor, Salinas mentioned that he would recommend that anybody adopt and use the digital asset.

Michael Saylor previously tweeted a video where Salinas said that first currencies are a fraud while promoting digital assets like Bitcoin. In the video, Salinas mentioned that any investor should have Bitcoin in their portfolio.

Going further, Salinas bashed Dogecoin while mentioning that the coin and others were shitcoins. Salinas previously stated that Bitcoin represented about 10% of his liquid portfolio.

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