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Tron [TRX] has emerged as one of the most popular blockchains today. It has bellwether for public chains in China. In the latest development, its blockchain height surpassed 31.35 million this week as the total nodes across the TRX network exceeded 1,330.

As revealed in the Tron weekly report, in the past week itself the blockchain witnessed over a staggering 1.24 million new addresses being added which took the current total number of accounts to more than 41.4 million. Additionally, the total number of transactions on the TRX blockchain hit 2.05 billion. This week itself saw the addition of 35.53 billion transactions on it. In yet another milestone, the network registered more than 6.38 million transactions in one day.

Besides, daily active decentralized applications [DApp] on Tron have hit 103. On the other hand, its DApp DAU on the blockchain reached 2,320. Moreover, the number of daily transactions and trading volume surged all the way up to 33,000 and $10.21 million respectively.

The latest stats come on the heels of the Tron ecosystem celebrating its 3rd independence day on the 25th of June. To top that, the cryptocurrency exchange Binance had recently announced the official launch of a non-fungible token [NFT] auction platform dubbed ‘Binance NFT,’ the first ‘Genesis’ auction of which was co-hosted in collaboration with Tron along with APENFT.

Tron’s [TRX] Dull Price Action


While Tron blockchain has seen significant growth over the past couple of years, the same cannot be said about its native TRX token. The once top 10 crypto-asset has slid to the 24th spot. Over the past several months, TRX has failed to maintain impressive growth even after briefly shooting up this bull season as compared to its peers.

It was up by almost 4% over the past day amidst market-wide recovery attempts which pushed the price of the token to $0.068, at the time of writing. Additionally, TRX has accrued weekly gains of more than 30%

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