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XVG Price Surges Elevate, Approaching New Highs

The last week has created a deep setback for the Verge cryptocurrency. The price even knocked down near $0.026. Also, the movement was sluggish, seen constantly below $0.028. However, in recent days, XVG gained some bullish momentum and shot up to $0.03 and further. Following this, the price was stagnant at $0.033. But currently, Verge has shifted into a further bullish rally and is approaching higher values.



At the time of typing, the XVG price soared to $0.037. In the early hours, the price smoothly surged from a bearish candle at $0.0328. It first raised to $0.036 and then to the current mark. In the coming hours, the price might climb further and reach a $0.05 juncture easily. However, on the flip side if the bears accumulate, then it may flip down to $0.03 again.

Technical Specifications 

  • The resistance value is $ 0.0279
  • The support value is $ 0.0272
  • The indicators point out a selling pressure.

BAT Price Has A Bullish Note !

The Basic attention token price is currently having a bullish momentum and may rise further. Last week, the price flipped into an ‘M’ trend line because of which it recently began dipping near $0.78. However, when the M was expected to break so the price will surge, it fell deeper near $0.72. But currently, the trend broke, flipping the movement positively.


At the time of typing, the BAT price is $0.804. In the early hours, the price was rising from $0.75 point, which was pulling the price into a bearish trap. When it reached near $0.82, some bears stuck and the price pitched to $0.80. Currently with some bulls, the price may surge to $0.9 or even sail at the current range for a while. But if the momentum loses its ability, then the price may fall into a bearish trap near $0.78.

Technical Specifications 

  • The resistance value is $ 0.748
  • The support value is $ 0.732
  • The indicators point out a mild sell signal

CVX Price Trend Seems Recessive

The CVX/WETH  price surged distinctly in the last few days and sailed between 0.005 and 0.007 WETH. It even popped out to surge beyond the 0.007 mark, but failed at every try to overgrow the resistance point. Earlier today, the price began dipping and struck at 0.00608 WETH. Currently it fell even deeper to 0.00606 point with a bearish movement in hand.


At the time of typing, the CVX price is seen at 0.00605 WETH. In the early hours, the price failed to accelerate further and began dipping to this point. With both bulls and bears, the price is still sailing at this point, making predictions hard. However, on a bearish note, the price may travel at this point and start dropping to 0.005 WETH. Also, there are quite a few chances for the price to surge slightly in the coming hours. 

Technical Specifications 

  • The resistance value is 0.0062 WETH
  • The support value is 0.0055 WETH
  • The indicators point out a buy signal.

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